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The green and blue Abruzzo is silently but quickly turning into the black Abruzzo.

Black oil, because here even the king of hydrocarbons is darker and more viscous than anywhere else.

The oil industry has always nourished legends of collective wealth, while the true goal is the careless exploitation of lands for the profit of the few.

The impossible cohabitation of oil platforms, refineries, overflows, rows of grapevines and olive trees. To the compliant indifference of those who continue to stroll along the beach and pretend they don’t see, there is self-censure and denial, against all evidence.

These photos aim to show the image of a heart-felt, lucid cry of alarm, testimony of the violence to the atmosphere and health, a warning about powerful invaders (the space invaders of a famous electronic game from the 80’s), lacking humanity and scruples.

An extreme warning to safeguard beauty, the sole true source of progress and civilisation.

A moment before the words GAME OVER appear on the screen and the horizon, saturated with drills and desulphurizers.